About us

Dawson Consulting is a team of professionals which specialize in Human Resource and Outsourcing, IT Solutions, Business Solutions as well as Research in all sectors of the economy.

We work in all major sectors of the economy and have consultants who have requisite sector experience. Since inception, Our innovative solutions have earned us the trusted business partners and employer of choice for businesses looking to "differentiate at the front" and standardise at the core. Through highly experienced professionals with value added advantage and cost-effective platforms, we meet clients business requirements professionally, while adhering to the highest quality standards. Our integrity and proficiency in designing systems to manage people has earned us inumerable reputation for services we provide. We specialize in the:

  • Provision and management of varying caliber of personnel for the efficient and effective engagement in our client businesses,
  • We anchor and handle functions and tasks ranging from payroll processing and management, Human Resources activities, procurement management, expenses management, IT Installations & Training, etc.
  • Our brand represents customer focus, employee empowerment, continuous improvement and integrity.